Sunday Recap

  • Guest speaker Steven Furtick knocked it out of the park.
  • If you ever wonder what really matters at Connection Church check out Luke 19:10.
  • Got a chance to walk the halls during the service. That was really weird. Haven’t done that since we started. Kid and youth volunteers are doing an incredible job. Where was this when I was a kid?
  • The water well offering is this Sunday the 13th. Are you willing to give until it hurts? Mother Teresa. This week pray about what God wants you to give. Together we can bring water to a village in Kenya.
  • Ended my water fast today with a Route 44 sweet tea with lemon.

sweet tea

  • This Sunday the 13th Connection Church will turn a year old.
  • You wrote down the names of 67 people that you are praying for and inviting to the new GODpod series. How amazing would it be to see these people come to Christ during this series. Let’s pray that God moves.