1 Yr Celebration

It’s crazy to think that it’s been a year since we opened the doors at Connection Church. Sunday’s 1 Yr Celebration was crazy good. I love this church.

  • The life change stories had me bawlin’ like a baby. God has done some amazing things.
  • Brittany Brown was just a sophomore in high school when God laid a burden on her heart to put a water well in Kenya. 3 years later she had raised $7,500 of the $10,000. Sunday you helped put her over the top. We raised $2,510.13. Thanks to your generosity a village in Kenya will be drinking clean water.

Mid High car wash for Kenya.

  • Yes I keep a journal. No it’s not a diary. I’m very ADD. My prayers usually go something like this, ” God please be with my kids today, help me to reach out to the…is anybody gonna empty that trash can? That reminds me I need to put the trash out.” A journal keeps me focused.
  • After reading Nehemiah 0n July 18th, 2007 I wrote in my journal, “Someones gonna come to me in November about planting a church.” November 13th, 2007 I got an email from Dave McKellips, “Brad I want to take you to lunch and discuss a possible church plant in Broken Arrow.” That was some serious confirmation.
  • I wanted to go back to California (where I was born and raised) and start a beach church. God had other plans. I’m glad I listened to Him.
  • 3 baptisms on Sunday. That’s my favorite part of being a pastor. Nothing tops people getting dunked for Jesus.
  • We now have over 200 names on our Wall of Prayer.
  • We have a great staff. These people all work other jobs on top of Connection. There dedication is off the chain and I’m proud to work along side them in the Kingdom.
  • We have the best volunteer teams. You people keep me going.