Birds and Bees

This blog post has nothing to do with sex. I just used that heading to get your attention. Today I was sitting on my front porch and noticed the bees were freaking out on the flowers. Don’t ask me what kind. I have no gardening sense (they’re pink and close up at night-that’s all I know). What I noticed was that the bees could not get enough of the flowers nectar and pollen. They just kept buzzing from one flower to the next. Nothing like a good nectar buzz.

That’s when it hit me. I wonder if I’m that way with Jesus. How many times have I just buzzed on by Him and settled for the nectar of something else. He’s right there waiting to fill me up. The bee’s get it. They understand the value of nectar and pollen. They can’t get enough of it. When we begin to understand the value of God’s nectar we will stop buzzing by and start drinking it up.

Did you know that bees are responsible for 1/3 of the human food supply? They take the pollen and spread it everywhere. They can’t help it cause it’s all over them. Is God all over you? People far from God are counting on you and I to bring them the spiritual nourishment they so desperately need.

By the way, Rambis freaked out the bees when he sat down. Kinda like Godzilla crashing through downtown. However, I think a few wanted some of that sweet nectar slobber hanging from his jowls.