Kitty Orphanage Update

About a year ago we lost our black cat. Over the last year there have been several “Max sittings” in our neighborhood. About 5 weeks ago we spotted him, but he just kept running off. This went on for several days. Then a neighbor said she had a black cat in her shed. Jack pot! Then she said, “and she has kittens.” She? Max is not a she. Did this happen when I was out for a private walk? Of course not. Laura, Jer and Skye were with me. The neighbor didn’t want them. So, now they are in my garage.

We’re gonna keep the momma cat (Laura’s already named her Maxine) and one kitten. That leaves 4 FREE ADORABLE CUTE CRUDELY WARM FUZZY LOVABLE kitty orphans that need a home.  If you want one just let me know. I can’t hide them from Mo (our cat) forever.