Hwy to Stupid, a gorilla, & Raider bet

We kicked off the GODpod series with Highway to Hell. Never thought I’d hear that song in church. It was amazing to see God speak through that song. We’ve all done stupid. However, there’s a whole notha level of stupid. What I call the Hwy to Stupid. Steps That Ultimately Place me In Danger.

  • I’ve gotta admit that Sunday’s message was a struggle. Wondered if anyone was impacted or changed. However, the comments, emails, and facebook posts told another story!

(Connection Card comment) “Everytime I have been on the hwy to stupid, God forces me to do a U turn and saves me. I owe God my life.”

(facebook post) “Sometime in our lives we’ve all either done or will do “stupid”. That the word “sin” could be replaced with “stupid(ity)” through out the Bible and still make a very dramatic, and accurate statement. IT ROCKED, MAN!!!!” 

  • Stupid over promises and under delivers.
  • We now have 220+ names on the Wall of Prayer for the GODpod series.
  • Watching the baptism’s during worship was awesome. Never get tired of seeing that.
  • Check out the Connection Worship MySpace site.
  • My Raiders beat down the Chiefs and Daniel had to pay off on our bet. Check him out in my Raider helmet (got it when I was 7).

Daniel bet payoff

  • Took Jer golfing (his 2nd time) after church. I asked what club he had. He looked down & said “the check mark one”…He was looking at the 7 upside down. I love my kids!

Jef golf


Join us this Sunday for Don’t Stop Believing by Journey. I’m a huge Steve Perry fan. But, Arnel Pineda is pretty amazing.