Don’t Stop Believing

What an amazing day at Connection Church on Sunday. God’s Spirit was dumped out on us. Nothing I’d rather do than pastor this church. I think the message on Sunday was more for me than anyone else. Jairus story is truly amazing. He faced a major crisis and kept walking with Jesus despite the reports he got. Don’t know what you’re facing right now, but God’s message is “Don’t be afraid; just believe.”

  • I think we need to get “I was there” T-shirts for the band’s rendition of Don’t Stop Believing. That was crazy good. Jeremy nailed the guitar solo and Jesse brought down the house with his vocals.
  • Having the Sr. High over for lunch and setting the stove top on fire is a memory I will never forget.
  • After 4 months the light switches upstairs and downstairs are still not working correctly. Brad the Builder, can he fix it? NO HE CAN’T. Going to Wal-Mart for my supplies should have been my first clue.
  • In a crisis we either shake a fist or bend a knee to God.  At the end of the service we brought out some altars and I was blown away seeing people come forward, bend a knee, and trust God.
  • People who say, “You don’t have enough faith” don’t have a clue what they are talking about.  Faith is not found in yourself. Faith is found in the faithfulness of Jesus. See Luke 8:22.
  • Fear causes us to bail on our marriage, jack up our credit cards, put our kids on meds, put ourselves on meds, and give up on our dreams. Are you pressing into the problem or the promise?
  • The family who lost everything was blown away by your generosity. We packed my suburban, gave a bed, washer and dryer, groceries, kitchen ware, blankets, and all kinds of furniture. Way to go!


  • We now have 250+ names on the Wall of Prayer for the GODpod series.
  • Kitty Orphan update: They’ve all been adopted out. We kept the momma and this guy we named Tubby. I thought about naming him Jairus, but got vetoed.



This Sunday we’re going country. Join us for Living in Fast Forward.