Living in Fast Forward

Great day at Connection on Sunday. 275+ names on the Wall of Prayer, 22 attended the Plugged In lunch, 20 first time guests, and 1 unbelievable baptism.

  • We have now baptized 16 people since opening our doors. They have all been special. But, this one was personal for me. I met Alex last fall and it’s been amazing to see what God has been doing in his life. When he shared his story everyone was blown away. This is why we do church!


  • The 10 Commandments are a series of short statements. Except for the one in the middle. I’m guessing it’s a pretty big deal to God. Ex 20:8-11 
  • Lie the Devil feeds us: You can do it all and have it all.
  • Life is a series of sprints. Run-rest-repeat.
  • When we don’t slow down we blow up, breakdown, and burnout.
  • Isn’t it odd that we find our value and worth in what God calls ordinary?
  • God only blessed one day. Don’t miss out on God’s greatest blessing.
  • Yes, part of the Jewish Sabbath is a nap and having sexual relations with your spouse. Every guy is now a strong believer in the Sabbath :)
  • Sabbath is all about faith, family, and friends.
  • Spent my Sabbath watching Master and Commander with the fam. If you’re a leader watch it!
  • Sabbath Challenge: Pick a day of the week, do only those things that refresh you or you find fun, stick with it for the month of October.


 This Sunday we conclude the GODpod series with Nickelback’s Savin’ Me.


I’m pumped about the Dave Ramsey series that begins in two weeks.