Savin’ Me

Sunday we wrapped up the GODpod series with Savin’ Me by Nickelback. Intervention is a very powerful thing. It can change someone’s destiny. John 8 is an incredible story of intervention.

  • I want to take as many people to heaven with me as I can. How sad would it be to stand before Jesus and say, “Table for one.” I want to blow by in the car pool lane with a charter bus full of people.
  • Intervention is an opportunity for condemnation or compassion. “Hi my name is Brad and I”m a recovering rock thrower” (see John 8).
  • As I mentioned Sunday, Laura rescued 5 kittens. We kept 1. His name is Tubby and he wants to be Rambis’ buddy. It’s hilarious to watch a 170 lb dog cower at the sight of a 1 lb kitten.


  • Sunday someone surrendered their life to Jesus Christ. Always love to see that.
  • Each week we ask people to write down their next step. I was blown away by the number of cards we got back and what God is doing in people’s lives. Some of the comments:

“Pray that we find the passion for Christ again.”

“I am a rock thrower and need to rid that for my family’s sake.”

“I want my life to be a witness for Christ.”

“I believe God brought me back to church to be a witness for my family and friends.”

  • Alex Wolf’s baptism was amazing.
  • Last week my dad celebrated his 69th birthday. Dad you are an incredible role model of faithfulness. 30+ years in ministry, 40+ years of being faithful to one woman, and 60+ years of following Christ. Wow!



This Sunday join us for Life. Money. Hope. featuring Dave Ramsey.