Gazelles, Crowder, and Jamarcus

The Dave Ramsey series is blowing me up…and I’ve read the book and done the envelopes! Don’t miss the final week of this series Sunday at Connection Church.

Some things Dave said that caught my attention:

“The financial world thinks I’m a wiener in a steak house.”

“If you read Proverbs you get a masters degree in finance.” Check out Proverbs 6:1-7  and you’ll see what he’s talking about.

“You can wander into debt but you can’t wander out.

“Runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn from debt with gazelle intensity.” The video he showed of the cheetah and gazelle made the point. This is not the video, but it’s what I invision God doing when I decide to run with gazelle intensity. Plus, it’s pretty stinkin’ funny.

  • Thanks for all the cards, cake, and Crowder tickets! I am humbled to serve alongside you as we lock arms to reach our community. Check out this Crowder video…this is why we do what we do week after week. It’s for His glory alone.
  • I want to ask for your prayers on Wednesday and Thursday. I’m going to be speaking to high school students from across northeast Oklahoma about teen pregnancy. I will be sharing my personal story publically for the very first time. I can still remember sitting on that front porch at 17. God is truly the healer and redeemer.
  • What is up with my Raiders? Finally benched Jamarcus Russell. Only took 2 1/2 yrs and $64 million to figure that out! Got me thinking. How many times have I done that in my life? Everybody sees the problem but me. Wonder how much time and money I’ve wasted?