“HELL SUCKS!” yelled the 8 yr old

  • I am loving our current series Pisteuo. Sunday I talked about heaven and hell. Nothing draws a crowd like a little hell fire and damnation :) Some of the highlights:

My son Jeremiah summed it up a few years ago when I was  a  children’s pastor. In kids church he yelled out “HELL SUCKS!” True and theologically correct. But, perhaps not the right environment. The adult volunteers couldn’t stop laughing at me that day.

How you view eternity effects your current reality.

Is there a literal lake of fire? When we focus on the physical torment of hell we miss the point….separation from God.

The band rocked and did a great job on the Brad Paisley song.

Why do we spend 65 years gearing up for a 5-10 year window called retirement. Psalm 90:10

I closed the message talking about the one person I can’t wait to see; my Grandma Edna. She was an amazing woman of God and hardly a day goes by that I don’t miss her. Who is it that you can’t wait to see in heaven? Who are you currently praying for and investing your life in so they will be in heaven?

What will heaven be like? We really don’t know. However, I do know that my best day on earth will be my worst day in heaven. Saturday I got to use my chainsaw and cut down 3 trees at my parents house. I envision entering heaven’s gates, God handing me a chainsaw, and turning me loose on a forest full of trees. Now that’s heaven!


  • Update on Laura: She went back to the doctor today and she’s doing great. She’s up and around, barking out orders, and texting like a mad dog…so she’s getting back to her old self again. Thanks for all the meals and support over the past few weeks.  With all the great food we’ve been having Thanksgiving’s gonna be a letdown.