The Devil’s House

  • Thoughts from Sunday at Connection.

I talked about the supernatural. Is there an unseen world? Here’s the video of The Devil’s House.

Some people like to blame the Devil for their own stupidity (Rambling on about the devil attacking their finances while they sip on their double latte mocha fudge, watching their flat screen, and talking on their $200 Blackberry). But, it’s just as stupid to not recognize there are spiritual forces at work.

Comment on a Connection Card: Your message about why don’t we wonder why it doesn’t bother us that our friends aren’t believers made me wonder why I don’t feel the intense love for God. This made me wonder if it wasn’t because I hadn’t asked God to come into my heart. I was in the car driving home while having that thought. So-I asked God to come into my heart-I instantly got goosebumps all over my body and felt peace. I feel like I have a church home now.

Thanks Michael for letting me tell your story about getting decked in the parking lot at Hobby Lobby. That is one crazy story. It frightens me and cracks me up at the same time.

Chris thanks for letting me use your sword. That is one mean piece of hardware and I was tempted to scream out “FREEDOM!” (see Braveheart) when I brought it out.

You may think your boss-children-parents are demon possessed, but the battle isn’t against them. Eph 6:11-16

  • What the heck is going on with my family? Laura had surgery (she’s improving), then thought she might have shingles (she doesn’t), Jer broke out on his face (not pimples), Skye got pink eye, and Rambis has got some kind of funky itch problem. And, oh yeah, we’re having about 25 people over for Thanksgiving. We’re serving turkey, mashed potatoes, and a side of fungus-rash.
  • Herk turned 18 a few days ago. Wow, you can now buy cigarettes and a lottery ticket. Glad you didn’t! Seriously, I couldn’t be prouder. You are an incredibly gifted young man and I’m very proud to be your dad. Gonna miss the Dancing Bear. You guys rocked the Cains Sunday night. Way to go “one sock man.”

  • Billy Joe Daugherty passed away Sunday from cancer. This was one incredible man of God. He left this planet with no regrets. Talk about living full on for God. What an example of a life well lived. Please continue to pray for his family and church during this difficult time.