Hebrews 4:12-13

Sunday we concluded the Pisteuo (pis-tyoo-oh) series. Pisteuo is the Greek word for “I Believe.” We  talked about how God’s Word can be trusted. If you missed the message or want to pass it on to a friend you can listen to it here.  The Bible isn’t significant to our lives – it’s essential to our lives. That’s why we put together a study guide that goes right along with the weekend message.

Sunday I challenged everyone to study God’s Word together this week. You’ll find today’s reading below. I want to encourage you to take time to Read, Reflect, and Respond to God’s Word. Then join the conversation by leaving a comment about the reading.


Hebrews 4:12-13


How can we fully trust that the Bible is in fact the inspired Word of God?


Write down a favorite verse from the Bible and carry it with you today.

Writing down scripture has been a practice of mine for the several years. Now, before you go, “WOW that is one incredible man of  God”, you should know that the first 15 years I barely read a verse a week.  Like everyone else, I have times of discouragement, hopelessness, and doubt. The more I try to pull myself out, the lower I sink. Ever been there? You’re so low you’re taking Xanax from a Pez dispenser?  I have found that the only thing that can pull me out of a slump is God’s Word. During the low times I grab a hold of a scripture (like a plank in the middle of the ocean), and don’t let go. I post the scripture everywhere – the dashboard of my car, my computer, and the bathroom mirror. Verse 12 says that God’s Word is full of power. I don’t trust in the words I read, but the authority behind those words. That’s where I find confidence.

What did you discover during your reading today? Post a comment and join the conversation.

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