Psalm 119:9-16

Welcome to day 3 of the reading challenge. Each day has been one of the most hit blogs to date. It’s exciting to see so many people engaging in scripture. When I got up this morning several people had already checked the blog for today’s reading. What time do these people get up? I’m up around 5:30 or 6. Laura says that God doesn’t get up until 8. I’ll try and post the rest of the week earlier for those of you who get up before God. Which makes me wonder – if you get up before God does your prayer get sent to voxmail?


Psalm 119:9-16


Why do you need the Bible?


Commit one scripture to memory today.

Memorization has never been my strong point. I was the first one cut from the spelling bee, I only knew about 10 of the states and capitals, and I mispronounced Laura’s name for the first couple of month’s we dated. She would correct me, I would forget and guess wrong. Glad that wasn’t a deal breaker. Did you know that Hebrew children memorized the entire Torah? The ENTIRE Torah. That’s the first five books of the Bible! They took God’s Word very seriously. The Bible isn’t significant to our lives – it’s essential to our lives. Today’s reading is a reminder of why God’s Word is so important. It’s where we find Him. When I ask God “Where are you?” or “What do you want me to do?” the first place I should go is to His Word. If you’re like me and you stink at memorization I would encourage you to download a Bible software program to your phone and computer. You Version is a great program and the one we use for the Study Guide. I love it because God’s Word fits in my front pocket and I have access to it all the time.

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