1 Thessalonias 2:13-16

I am pumped to see so many people going through God’s Word together. By engaging in God’s Word together we are setting off a chain reaction. God impacts you, you impact the church, the church impacts the community. Don’t forget that you can find the weekly Study Guide on our website.


1 Thessalonians 2:13-16


How can we believe the message that the Apostles wrote, is the Word of God?  


Do you know someone going through a difficult time? What Word of hope can you give them from the Bible.

The Bible consists of 40 authors, over 1,600 yrs, with no contradictions. That points to one author…God. When I sit down to read the Bible my confidence doesn’t come from the words, but the authority behind the words. The best speakers understand this concept. They will throw in a famous quote because it adds credibility to what they are saying. If someone were to say, “Mother Teresa once said…” you’d pay attention. However, if someone were to say, “Sponge Bob once said…” you’d look at them like they were whack.  I think one of the reasons people have such a poor concept of God is because some Christians have only used the Bible to point out peoples flaws. They see someone “sinning” and say, “The Bible says you shouldn’t blah, blah, blah.” That’s how people can get a messed up view of God. What if we turned that around? What if we saw someone going through a difficult time and gave them hope from God’s Word? I wonder how that would change their concept of God and His love for them?

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