Coats for Rosa Parks

As most of you know, Rosa Parks (the school we meet in) is a Community School. Which means the majority of students who attend are from underprivileged homes. I just received the following email from Leslie Officer at Rosa Parks.


  • Now that it is finally cold we are seeing many students who do not have coats. If you have a child’s coat at home that is too small or would like to purchase a new coat for a Rosa Parks student, we would greatly appreciate it.  The sizes we need range from 5T to 16/18 for boys and girls.   Thank you all for your continued support of our students and their families, you all are a huge part of our Community School.

As we kick off Advent Conspiracy let’s live it out. Please bring a child’s coat with you to church this Sunday. Imagine the look on Leslie’s face when she walks in Monday morning and can’t get to her desk because the office is piled to the ceiling with coats! God has placed us in this school to “Do justice and show mercy to people in need.” That is one thing I love about this church. You never hesitate to meet a need.