Matthew 4:1-4

This has been a great week. Knowing so many people are joining together to read God’s Word fires me up. Yesterday was the most hit blog to date.  Spending time in God’s Word is one of the most important things you will ever do. I want to encourage you to check out the weekly study guide on our website. The guide goes right along with the message from Sunday. You can use it with a group of friends or for personal study.


Matthew 4:1-11


How can you get the most from your Bible?


What temptation are you facing ? Find a scripture verse you can hold on to today.

Whenever I read about the temptation of Jesus I wonder why Jesus didn’t just do a WWE Smackdown on the Devil.  Instead, Jesus quotes scripture. Be honest. Doesn’t it seem kinda crazy to just speak scripture at your temptation? A couple of weeks ago I spoke about the supernatural. The battle isn’t with the temptation. The battle is with the one who’s bringing the temptation. And the only weapon we have been given for the fight is God’s Word. Paul calls it the sword of the Spirit. When you take on temptation without the Word of God it’s like fighting the Devil with a butter knife (not very intimidating). No wonder Jesus used the Word of God.

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