Challenge of Hope

Sunday at Connection Church I unveiled the Challenge of Hope. I have been pumped about this project for a couple of weeks and was glad to finally announce it. There are less than 2 weeks of shopping left until Christmas. Many of the gifts bought during this window fall under the “hope it fits-it’s the last one-they can always return it” category. What if, instead of buying that gift, you did something different? What if you gave that money to a worthy cause in that person’s name? That’s what the Challenge of Hope is all about. Giving the gift of hope.

Sunday after church our family had a great discussion about the challenge. Everybody agreed to receive one less gift this Christmas and give that money ($25) to the cause of their choice. It was crazy listening to everybody talk about what they planned to do with their money:

Jer’s giving his money to the Union Rescue Mission where Sara (my daughter-in-law) works.

Skye’s giving her money to Dennis the Compassion child we sponsor.

Laura’s giving her money to a unsponsored Compassion child.

Herk said he wants to give his money to SFCF…or maybe another worthy cause :)

I’m giving my money to the International Justice Mission.

I want to encourage you to get involved. Our goal is $5,000 invested back into our community and world. Talk to your family, friends, co-workers, and classmates and then let us know how you gave the gift of hope. Imagine the impact we are going to have this Christmas because we gave the gift of hope.