30 for 30


Sunday I talked about the Potluck Principle. If you missed it you can listen to it here. Did you know Gideon held the very first church potluck? Check it out: Judges 6:19. Potlucks are old school. They existed back when E coli was served as a side dish. At a church potluck the women always brought their best dish. I will never forget Nadine Robinson’s world-famous brownies. Those things were amazing. When she was there I got in line at the dessert table and worked my way back to the main course. The one thing I never saw at a church potluck was someone bringing leftovers. That would be a huge taboo. You always brought your best to the potluck.

In 2009 did you give God your financial best or what was left? That’s the Potluck Principle: Give God your best, not what’s left. Simply put, God doesn’t bless left overs. What does God think about getting your best or what’s left? Check out Luke 21.

Check out the video and the impact you are making in our community and be a part of 30 for 30 .