What’s the One Thing? Part 3

OK, so the past few days I’ve been asking, “What’s the ONE THING?” (See previous blog posts). Asking God that type of question can be dangerous.

I’m supposed to be working on my sermon right now, but instead I’ve picked up a book I haven’t read in about five years [The Church That Never Sleeps]. I couldn’t put it down. Five years ago it lit a fire under me. Today it fanned it into a raging inferno! What if this is the ONE THING?

Today I went on the Dream Center website [church the book is based on] and saw this video. It features the song God of This City. I will never forget singing that song at our very first worship service. It’s who we are and captures the vision of our church. Wanna catch a glimpse of what God could have in store for Connection Church? Take a moment and dream with me. What if we could revitalize and bring hope back to an entire community? This is the ONE THING I dream of being a part of…and it scares me to death. Now I know why God has called us to 30for300 in March.