Over the next 6 weeks at Connection Church we are doing 6 Pact. “6 weeks to a better us.”

Week 1: Attend…church for the next 6 weeks.

Week 2: Invite…3 people, who don’t know Jesus, to our 2 Yr Birthday Bash.

This week’s Pact: Grow…in your relationship with Christ. On Sunday I talked about the 12-3-1- Spiritual Growth Plan. If you missed it, you can listen to it here.  This week’s pact is to grow by spending time with God each day this week.

At Connection Church we place a high priority on God’s Word. That’s why we have developed the God Time Study Guide. This guide goes right along with the message from Sunday. You can check out this week’s complete guide here.

Here’s today’s reading…

Luke 8:8,15 (For additional study, read Luke 8:4-15). Look it up here.

God first brought this scripture to my mind this past summer when I went away by myself on a prayer retreat. One morning, during prayer, God led me to this passage. Then, later that same day I was hiking up to a look out in southwest Arkansas and saw this carved into the wood on the lookout.

God was obviously trying to get my attention. As I sat down to read it again, God began to tell me to focus my attention on the “good soil.” To be honest, this scripture seemed pretty depressing at the time. I’m gonna preach the gospel and 75% are going to reject it. Yah!! But, God reminded me that the good soil returns a harvest 30, 60, or even a 100 times as much as had been planted (Matthew 13). Although 75 out of 100 may reject the gospel, 25 will return up to 100 times what was planted. Are you getting the math on that? 100×100. I’m not a stock broker, but that’s a pretty good return on investment.

Never get tired of scattering the Good News. Don’t get discouraged when you are not seeing any results. Just keep scattering seed and loving people. Just 1 person coming to Christ can lead to 1,000’s bending a knee!