Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

Don’t know what it is about black choir music, but I love it! If I could preach every week with a choir like this behind me I’d do it. Don’t laugh. If Jim Cymbala can do it, why can’t I? I love our band, but there’s something about this type of music that just get’s to me.

Watching this video I saw an amazing picture of redemption. This video is of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir singing at a prison. Very powerful to watch the prisoners (dressed in orange) separated from their families (behind the choir). Listening to the choir sing about being set free because of what God has done brought a whole new meaning to redemption and paints a whole new picture of Christmas for me. We all have friends and family that are far from God. Like this choir, Jesus stands in the gap and makes a way for their freedom.

Today I’m working on my message for Dec. 12th Re: deeming Christmas. It’s based on 1 Samuel 30. I want to encourage you to go after those you love that are far from God. Jesus stood in the gap and made a way for  you and me and he’s doing the same for them. Don’t give up. Never stop praying for their redemption and freedom.