Acts 28 Day Reading Challenge: Day 9

Acts 9 (Key verse, Acts 9:20)

How can God use you?
How do you respond to opposition about your witness for Jesus?

Saul’s conversion is one of the craziest turn of events in the Bible. One day he’s hunting down Christ followers. The next, he’s recruiting people to become Christ followers. Saul was the last person people would have thought would believe. In fact, when he tried to meet with them they said, “forget it” because they thought he was just using it as an opportunity to arrest them.

I will never forget trying to reach out to some coaches on my son’s football team. I talked to a couple of them after practice one day about church. They were nice, but I could tell they weren’t really interested in coming. When I turned to leave, another coach, stopped me and asked me about the church I was talking about. This was the last guy I expected to be open to church. It turned out that he was the only guy open to church. Not only did he come, he brought his family, gave his life to Jesus, and they never stopped coming. Who is the “least likely to become a Christ follower” at your work place, school, neighborhood, or team?