Acts 28 Day Reading Challenge: Day 13

Acts 13 (Key verse, Acts 13:4)

How might you share the Good News of Jesus with those around you?
How would you handle opposition to the message of Jesus?

Acts 13 opens with the names of 5 guys taking on a city. That just stopped me in my tracks. Two weeks ago God gave me an idea. What if area churches came together to pray for our city and upcoming Easter services. I decided to see if this was the Holy Spirit burning within me or just me blowing smoke.  I fired off an email to a couple of my church planting (that’s what they call a new church) pastor friends to see if anyone would bite. A few days later I got an email from Brad Jenkins, pastor at The Gathering, here in Tulsa. He told me that his staff had been meeting and dreaming about the same thing. Before we knew it 5 pastors said yes and Good Friday Tulsa was born.

Good Friday Tulsa: 5 churches coming together to pray for our city and our churches. 5 churches coming together for one night united in worship. What will happen in our city when these 5 churches come together united under the cross of Christ. Get ready Connection this is gonna be good.