Acts 28 Day Reading Challenge: Day 14

Acts 14 (Key verse, Acts 14:15)

How would you tell someone who was a non-believer, about Jesus?
How can you be accountable about your experience with Christ?

In Acts 14 Paul goes from stoning Christ followers (Acts 8) to being stoned. Today we start a new series, 1:1, based on the first ten words of the Bible. We’re gonna look at the first three words today. In the beginning. We serve a God of new beginnings. He loves to make things new. That’s what he did with a murderer named Paul. Where do you need a new beginning? What past mistakes, sins, or hurts do you still carry with you today? In Rev. 21:5 Jesus said, “Look , I am making everything new.” Through the death and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour we can be set free from our past and be made new.