Acts 28 Day Reading Challenge: Day 19

Acts 19 (Key verse, Acts 19:11)

How can God use you to build His kingdom?
What must you do in order for God to be able to use you effectively?

Just a few chapters earlier Paul was trying to go to Asia but the Spirit wouldn’t let him. God had a few things he needed Paul to do before he went to Asia.

Now, he is finally there in a town called Ephesus. When he shows up, the Holy Spirit is poured out, incredible miracles take place, and false prophets get stripped naked (like to see that happen on a few religious TV programs).

It’s so intense that a riot breaks out. That’s how you know God’s about to do something great. The Devil does his hardest kicking on the way out. He was kicking hard because Ephesus was about to become the doorway for the Gospel to spread throughout Asia.

It’s wasn’t that God didn’t want Paul to go to Asia. He just didn’t want him to go too soon. He had a plan and His plan was a pretty good one.

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