Acts 28 Day Reading Challenge: Day 24

Acts 24 (Key verse, Acts 24:16)

If you were arrested because of  your faith, what would be your testimony?
How can you maintain a clear conscience before God and all people?

For two years Paul shared his faith in Jesus with the governor and his wife. After two years a new governor took his place and he was gone.

God has placed us where we are because he cares about people’s eternity. We are his instrument of hope to a hurting world. He chose you to be in that cubicle, that classroom, that apartment building.

What kind of opportunities is God giving you? Last Sunday we asked everyone to write down the names of 3 people they are praying for and inviting for Easter. Do you know someone at work, school, or your neighborhood that is far from God? We’d like to join with you in praying for them. You can submit their name here.