Acts 28 Day Reading Challenge: Day 25

Acts 25 (Key verse, Acts 25:11)

Have you ever been accused of something you did not do? If so, how did you respond?
What should you do if you are accused wrongly?

In Acts 25:19 Festus, talking to the king about Paul’s accusers, says “It was something about a dead man named Jesus, who Paul insists is alive.” Jesus was just another name to Festus. He had never heard the Gospel.

Living in the Bible belt buckle, or Jesus Disneyland as I like to call it, I often make the assumption that everyone knows who Jesus is. I did that the other day when talking to one of my neighbors. So, I stopped, and asked about their story. Glad I did. I learned a lot and now have a place to start the most important conversation.

When it comes to sharing Jesus I’m not a fan of tracks or rehearsed speeches. These methods are based on the assumption that every person has the same knowledge and understanding of Jesus.

I’m more a fan of listening and learning people’s stories.