Acts 28 Day Reading Challenge: Day 28

Acts 28 (Key verse, Acts 28:28)

In your opinion, why do some people reject the gospel?
What would keep you from having a bold witness for Jesus?

Paul had a love and passion for the Word of God.

Over the past 28 days we’ve been on a journey together through the book of Acts. My prayer is that these past few weeks have ignited a love and passion for the Word of God in you.

At Connection Church we are passionate about reading the Word. That’s why we have developed the God Time study guide that goes right along with the message from Sunday. Whatever tool you use I want to encourage you to continue on this journey and feed on God’s Word.

When we ask the Holy Spirit to speak to us through God’s Word Acts 28:27 becomes a completely different story.

For the hearts of these people are tender,
and their ears can hear,
and they have opened their eyes—
so their eyes can see,
and their ears can hear,
and their hearts can understand,
and they can turn to me
and let me heal them.