Pray for Zambia

Hard to believe the Project Reach Team is leaving for Zambia next Thursday morning. God has brought us a long way in the past 2 years.

In August of 2010 we began a partnership with a Child Development Center in Zambia.  2 years later over 30 children have been sponsored by the people at Connection. These children receive food, clothing, an education, and most importantly, they learn about Jesus.

Last summer I announced that we were going to go to Zambia. I didn’t know how or when. I just knew God was calling us to go. That’s when God showed up big time. Through His divine guidance we came across OK City 1st Nazarene. They just happen to have a 10 year initiative in Zambia and it just happens to be taking place just a few miles from our Child Development Center. That’s how God works when His people step out in faith.

What will we be doing while we are there? We will be working on a regional Ministry and Training Center for pastors and leaders. This is going to be huge since most pastors start their churches under trees and have limited resources. We will also be working with our Child Development Center. I am especially stoked about meeting Isaiah, the child our family sponsors.

How can people pray?

  • Pray for our team: Kasey Harger, Tim Neal, Kelli Sondag, Megan Spears, myself, and the team from OK City.
  • Pray for our Child Development Center.
  • Pray for the local churches and pastors in Zambia who are under-resourced.
  • Pray for the Ministry Training Center.
  • Pray for safety and health.
  • Pray for the people of Zambia. It is one of the poorest countries in the world.
    70% live in poverty.
    40% have no clean water.
    85% have no flush toilet.
    80% have no electricity.
    The average income is $1,000 a yr.
    1/2 the people live on less than $2 a day.
We’re hoping to provide daily updates during the trip. So check here or follow us on twitter beginning July 21st. If you would like to join with us by praying you can sign up this Sunday at the Project Reach table or post a comment below.