Movin’ on Up

On Sunday I made the big announcement that Connection Church has found a new home. We are moving to the Green Country Event Center.

What an amazing day as we celebrated what God has done for us. People went crazy when I made the announcement (3 yrs of setting up and tearing down in a school will do that to you). I mean they went nuts!  That’s why I love this church and our people.

My favorite moments from Sunday:

  • When I made the announcement we celebrated with that great old hymn “Movin’ on Up” by the Jefferson’s. Classic moment done in true Connection Church style.
  • Grandma Jerry (my mom) dancing up and down the aisle. Wish we had video of that moment. It was awesome. I love my mom!
  • Singing “Our God” at the end of the service together. God has been faithful and good to us.

You can hear the amazing story behind how God has answered our prayers and all the details on this exciting move by clicking here.