Attitude Not Age

Yesterday was one of the best days I’ve had in ministry as I rolled up my sleeves and served alongside some incredibly generous and faithful people.

The second Thursday of every month a small group of seniors from the Garnett Church gather together to distribute food and clothing to people in need. Most of them have been doing this for over 20 years! Week after week they gather the food, organize it, and hand it out to over 50 families in need.

Their love and compassion for people was truly inspiring. This group could have “retired” and said that it was time for someone else to step up and do the work. Instead, they are living out the words of the Apostle Paul from 2 Timothy 4:7.  My prayer is that I will one day finish strong and love Jesus the way they do.

My job yesterday (it never felt like a job-more like a party) was to help take the groceries to the cars. What a blast living out the Gospel and praying with people in the parking lot. Then to cap it all off, they invited me to stay and eat some of Tom and Patty’s (couple pictured above) homemade chili. God is good!

Connection Church has always been about attitude, not age. People are always surprised to see seniors attending our church. Not me. We need seniors. People who have walked through this life with Jesus. They can teach us so much and help show us the way. I guess that’s why I love seniors so much and enjoy being around them.

We are honored to partner with this great group of Christ followers. Would you like to get involved with the food and clothing ministry? Click here