Praying for Prodigals

In preparation for Connection Christmas we have come together for the 12 Days of Christmas Prayer . There have been 180+ names submitted for prayer. These names represent friends and family that are far from God; prodigals.

Today’s 12 Days of Christmas Prayer is the story of the Prodigal Son. Maybe you can relate to this story.

  • You have a friend or family member who is far from God.
  • Like the dad in this story, you feel helpless.
  • You’ve “called them back home” (invited them to church).
  • You’re waiting and anticipating that they will join you tomorrow night.

Notice in the story that the dad did not go out and beg his son to come home. The son was alone and finally came to his senses. How did he recognize his condition if no one was there to tell him? The Holy Spirit reaches out to those we pray and intercede for and speaks to their heart. Only God can change the human heart. It is truly supernatural.

We all have friends and family that are crying out to God for hope. Let’s join them, on our knees, and meet them at the throne of grace. I cannot wait to see all the prodigals that God calls home tomorrow night.