Vision 2012: Prayer and the Poor

[This is a repost from Nov 7, 2011. Laura and I have since returned from Brooklyn Tabernacle and the Dream Center. God used those two experiences to confirm that we must be about two things in 2012: Prayer and the poor.]

Since our move to the Green Country Event Center God has been pounding into my soul two very clear directives. Connection Church is to be a church of prayer and a church for the poor.

One of my heroes of the faith is P.F. Breesee the founder of the Church of the Nazarene. Here’s what he said over 100 years ago when he founded his very first church, “It has been my long cherished desire to have a place in the heart of the city, which could be made a center of holy fire, and where the gospel could be preached to the poor.”

  • My dream is that we will be know in this city as a church that prays.

I want people to drive by the Green Country Event Center and be drawn by the sheer presence of God. Nothing short of prayer is going to that. Sunday I spoke about our commitment to be known as a church that prays. If you missed it you can listen to it here.  Nobody has had a bigger impact in this area of my life than Jim Cymbala and the Brooklyn Tabernacle. His book Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire is a “Must Read.” Next week Laura and I will be traveling to Brooklyn to attend their annual Pastor’s Conference. Do you have a prayer request or would you like to join our prayer movement? Click here

  • My dream is that we will be known in this city as a church that cares for the poor.

While churches are running from the poor, we will run to the poor. God has given us an amazing facility to be used for His glory. We will be  known as a church of restoration in our community. One of the most influential churches reaching the poor is the Dream Center in LA. Pastor Matthew Barnett has been a major influence in this area of my life. His book The Church that Never Sleeps is another “Must Read.” In December Laura and I will be visiting the Dream Center. Would you like to learn how you can get involved and make a difference? Click here