Christmas at Denny’s Part 3

The best part of Christmas this year for our family was our annual stop at Denny’s on Christmas day.

Each year we give our kids the option of receiving one less gift and donating that money ($25) to someone in need. The Denny’s tradition began 3 years ago and was inspired by Herk. You can read about that first Denny’s experience here.

This year we stopped at the Denny’s in Kingman, AZ. Getting out of the car and approaching the restaurant you would have thought we were at the gates of Disney World. We said a prayer and asked God to lead us to the right table.  As we sat down and the waitress introduced herself I thought to myself,  “She has no idea what is about to go down.”

At the end of the meal we left a simple note explaining what we do every year and a reminder of how much God loves her….along with a tip totaling $150.

My kids didn’t miss that extra gift and would have probably forgotten what it was by now. Instead, they will never forget how God used them to bless a waitress named Linda on Christmas day.

At this time of year we all make resolutions. I want to encourage you to build a spirit of generosity into your life in 2012. And if you’re a parent build that spirit into the life of your children. Live a life of generosity and watch what God does through you.

“It is better to give than to receive.” Jesus