REAL Engagment

We’re right in the middle of our series REALationships. If I could add one additional week to this series I’d talk about REAL Engagement.

One of the most important things we can do, as followers of Jesus, is help people connect to the body of Christ. Lately I’ve noticed way too many people sitting or standing alone disconnected from the body of Christ.

Jesus was never interested in just hanging out with His 12 buddies all the time. He was constantly connecting people to the Kingdom of God. When people stand alone or sit alone they do not stay engaged in the body of Christ (the Church).

Engagement is more than just a smile and a handshake. It is literally pulling people out of dispair, hopelessness, and the pit of hell. It’s pulling them towards the hope of Heaven and a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Look for people who are standing alone…and go engage them.
Look for people who are sitting alone…and go sit by them.

Whether on Sunday morning or Wednesday night let’s model true community for our people by looking for and engaging people who are new or by themselves. Let’s make sure people feel welcomed and included in the body of Christ.