Open Letter to Men

(The following comments are not meant to disregard or belittle the contribution women have made to the church. At Connection Church we have Godly women who are leading and doing a great work for the Kingdom)

Dear Men,

There is a righteous anger that’s been burning within me the past couple of years. For whatever reason, men have decided to become pacifist when it comes to the spiritual leadership of their homes and churches. And families and churches have suffered greatly because of it.

You were not created by God to be a spiritual pacifist.

You were created by God to be the spiritual leader of your home and church. When you are weak, your family and church are weak. When you are strong, your family and church are strong.

Gideon chose 400 men to lead and they conquered Midian.

David chose 40 men to lead and they conquered the enemy.

Jesus chose 12 men to lead and they conquered the world.

John Wesley asked for 100 men who hated nothing but sin and loved nothing but God and they conquered England.

I believe we can conquer our city for the glory of God if you will step up and be counted.

I’m grateful for my earthly father, who stepped up and led our family. My dad taught me through his words, actions, and leadership what it means to be a man of God. He boldly followed Jesus and lead the church.

Like Gideon, David, Wesley, and Jesus before me, I’m asking God for a group of men who will step up and lead. Will you give everything for the cause of Christ?