Who I’m Voting For

Note:  There is nothing wrong (as a Christ follower) with supporting your favorite candidate with a bumper sticker, T-shirt, or rally. Although some of the thoughts and comments apply to all Christ followers, this blog was written strictly to pastors in response to seeing many making very negative statements and comments about politicians and candidates. 

I’m blown away by the number of pastors who post political statements, videos, and links. Most of them blasting our President or ringing the endorsement bell of their favorite political candidate. I even received an email from a prominent pastor who invited me to join him for a special pastor’s call with the candidate he felt was best suited to run the country.

Here’s why making political statements, as a pastor, is so dangerous. When we make statements in favor of your political party or against another party we isolate ourselves away from those who may hold a different opinion. Many of them in the body of Christ and, more importantly, many of them who are far from God.

Yes, you can be a Christ follower and be a Democrat. Yes, you can be a Christ follower and be a Republican. When people ask me my political affiliation I tell them that I’m a “Demopublican.”

I’m not asking any pastor to change their opinion or party affiliation. I’m just asking them to think carefully before posting that comment, article, or video on facebook or before putting that sticker on the back of their car. A great question to ask is, “Will this draw people to Jesus?” In the end, that’s all that really matters.

Every statement that Jesus made was with the sole purpose and intention of drawing people to Himself.

Jesus only made one political statement in his 3 years of ministry. “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s.” So, the only thing I will say is “Pay your taxes on Tuesday.”