Guest post by Daniel Surratt. Worship Arts Director at Core Church.

When the Day of Pentecost had fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. (Acts 2:1)

Any time two or more people get together for any amount of time with differing opinions and experiences about something that is important to them, there is bound to be conflict.  Conflict is a normal part of the human existence and can often be healthy.  Conflict can help us grow, examine our current positions and beliefs, and learn how to deal with people whose opinions differ from our own.  But conflict cannot take away from unity.   We see in this scripture the importance of being “in one place” and “in one accord”.  Here’s a few things to remember when you’re having a conflict in regards to the team of people you work with.

1.     We agree publically and disagree privately.  When we are in environments like Sunday morning, this is not the time for disagreement and conflict.  We will always present a united front, regardless of what’s going on behind the scenes.  The time for presenting disagreements is away from these environments.

2.     We only complain to those who can do something about it.  If you disagree about something and you complain about it to someone that can’t do anything about it, you are gossiping.  Complaints, conflicts, and disagreements should always travel up and not out.

3.     We do not take criticism personally.  We put our time, sweat, and energy into the things we do at church.  It’s easy for those things to become an extension of us.  However, when we are asked to make a change or do something different, we cannot take that personally.  We are all here for the same goal: to bring glory and honor to Jesus Christ.  It is not about me and it is not about you.

4.     We will handle each other with mercy, grace, and love.  Everyone has a bad day from time to time.  Occasionally, we will bring those bad days with us to church.  When that happens, we will handle each other with mercy, grace, and love.  That means always believing the best about each other.  Praying for each other throughout the week.  Calling someone that’s been on your heart.  Unhealthy conflict cannot survive in an atmosphere of love and respect.

Let’s be in “one place and one accord.”  Let’s work together to see the Glory of God manifest in our church.  Let’s see lives become radically transformed by the grace and power of the Gospel.