herk skateboard

How do you define success?

The majority of answers to that question usually land in one of two categories: Fame or fortune. But, neither of those categories are really true success. We all know that. Yet, we consistently pursue them and teach the next generation to follow suit.

Even in the church we have a warped sense of success. By today’s standard men like Isaiah would be considered a miserable failure. He would never be asked to write books and speak at conferences. Even Jesus wouldn’t make the cut. He went from several thousand followers to just 120 in 3 years.

I think a better definition of success is this:

Live your passion. Love what you do. 

Since I was 16 years old I have followed that definition of success and I’ve never been disappointed. Today I saw this picture of my son Herk who is now living his passion and loving what he does.

Are you living your passion and loving what you do? If not, why not start today?