The Invite No Person Can Resist

prayer names

This Sunday we will be celebrating our one year anniversary at Core Church. The past two weeks over 450+ names have been submitted of people that we are praying for and inviting. 

As you have reached out and invited people you may have heard responses like “I’m out of town that day…we have family coming in this weekend…my son has a game…I have to work.” When you receive that kind of response you can get discouraged…that is, unless you understand that you don’t save them; Jesus does.

When the Spirit of God comes upon a person it is too much to resist. We have all experienced that moment when the Spirit of God overwhelmed our hearts to the point of repentance and turning to him for salvation. That’s exactly what all 450+ people, and the 2,500 households who received a postcard need. They need the Spirit of God to overwhelm them. That’s why we pray.

God is going to move and many are going to come to salvation because of his irresistible grace.