The Power of an Invite

At Core Church we have an invite culture. We invite people to take their next step with Christ. I believe the catalyst for spiritual growth is found in the power of an invite. 

Jesus began his ministry with an invite and a simple, “Come follow me.” This is the invite most of us are familiar with; inviting people far from God into a relationship with Him. But, that’s not the only invite Jesus offered. He invited people into service.  He invited people into discipleship. He invited people to fully submit to Him.  

Think about how you have grown spiritually. Someone invited you. Someone invited you to church. Someone invited you to serve (volunteer team, community outreach, etc). Someone invited you into discipleship (Sunday School, small group, Bible study, etc).

Jesus did not invite people to sit in rows once a week for about an hour and then go home. That’s not what He envisioned when He set up the local church. His plan for the church was that we would do what He did. Invite people to take their next step in spiritual growth.

Most people don’t invite themselves. We fear rejection, so we wait on an invite. That’s why we have an invite culture at Core Church. Every Christ follower inviting people to take their next step.

We grow in relationship with God by being in relationship with God’s people. Who are you inviting to follow Christ? Who are you inviting to serve Christ? Who are you inviting to grow in Christ? Who are you inviting to fully submit to Christ?