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The picture on the right was taken less than a week after the picture on the left. Both were completely unrelated and unplanned. However, they are a beautiful picture of God’s grace from swing to swing.

Over Christmas Laura and I returned to the place where I proposed to her over 30 years ago. This was the first time we had been back. I was not expecting the flood of emotions that would ensue from that moment. As I knelt down in the sand 30 years came rushing back on me.

When I last knelt down in front of that swing I was a scared 17 year old boy. I had made some serious mistakes, but I was determined to make things right. I had no idea what laid ahead of us. 30 years later we have four children and two grandchildren. As I look back on these past 30 years I marvel at the grace of our God. We were too young to be married. Too young to be parents. Too young to know any better. God’s grace. Undeserved favor. Freely given.

Proposing that day over 30 years ago was the second greatest decision I have ever made. The first? My decision to follow Jesus. These past 30 years I haven’t been the perfect husband or perfect father. But, I know the perfect Father and He has never failed me or forsaken me. I’m thankful for a God who provides grace from swing to swing.