And They Called Me Banana

Banana and Mel

This past week I did a video shoot in preparation for our September Playlist series. Every year we pick popular songs from the radio, the band performs them, and then I preach about them. This year we thought it would be fun to have local radio personalities introduce the songs.

The first shoot was a reunion with my former morning show host Mel Myers. This year marks the 25th anniversary of Banana and Mel in the Morning. Sitting in that studio, we shared some of our favorite memories, and even recreated what it sounded like so many years ago.

I often get asked if I miss radio? The answer is yes and no. I loved being on the radio every morning and helping people start their day with some laughter. But, would I go back? No.  I love being a pastor more than anything I’ve ever done in my life. I truly believe those 18 years were preparation for what I do now and all a part of God’s plan.

God is writing a story with our lives. I’ve learned to embrace the chapter I’m in and live it to the fullest. Some chapters are full of triumph and some are full of tragedy. Some bring a smile to my face and others bring a tear to my eye. Each chapter building on the other. I see pages where I took the pen, tried to write my own story, and it didn’t turn out the way I had hoped or planned. However, I also see the hand of God taking the pen and writing my story for his good, his purposes, and his plans.

What story is God writing with your life? Embrace the chapter you’re in. Hand him the pen.  Trust him to write something beautiful for his glory and your good.


Another question I am often asked is “Why did they call you Banana?”

When I came to Tulsa the radio station asked me if I had a nickname. I did not. They wanted me to come up with some kind of crazy memorable name. The morning I was to go on the air and do my first show I had nothing. Staring at my bowl of cereal I began to eat a banana (I ate one every day). And that’s when it hit me; “Banana.”