Jesus on Instagram

Social media, the internet, and technology are overrated when it comes to spreading the Gospel.

There have been so many advancements in technology and its use in the spread of the Gospel. We can get the message out to the masses through social media, podcasts, and things like Reddit. The options are endless. We believe ourselves to have far greater advantages than even Jesus and His disciples had. Yet the Church has never faced more trying times.

The truth is that all this technology has put us at a far greater disadvantage.

We’ve forgotten the essence of the Gospel. We’ve forgotten that the Church began and spread without the help of the internet and social media.

The Gospel has always been about Jesus touching one life at a time. The Gospel has always spread person to person. Am I opposed to the use of the internet to reach people? (If I were I would not be posting this on social media and the internet) The internet and social media have their place. But it’s no substitute for touching the life that Jesus has put right in front of you. After all, isn’t that what Jesus did? He left heaven to walk among us. He stopped for the one. He took time for the one. He invested his life in a small group of friends. We must do the same.

The Gospel requires sacrifice. Sacrifice of our time and involvement in people’s lives. Walking with people in intimacy. We have been duped into thinking we can reach the world from a distance, behind a screen, and a simple click and post.

Imagine Jesus saying, “If only I had waited 2,000 more years I could have had a far greater impact. What was I thinking? I didn’t even have to leave heaven. I couldn’t had a podcast! I could have had a Snapchat and Instagram account and posted from the convenience of my throne.”

The Gospel has little impact from a distance. It’s why Jesus left His home in heaven to come and walk with us and sacrifice His life for us.

Taking this kind of approach can be, well, intimidating. Just the thought of sharing the Gospel one-on-one makes our palms start sweating and our brains turn to mush. We’ve complicated the Gospel to the point that only a few well-trained and educated people can even attempt it.

Sharing the Gospel is really about three simple things:
Intercede – Invest – Invite
•Intercede: Pray for people you know that are far from God. Pray for encounters with people who are in need of hope, healing, peace, and purpose.
•Invest: Look for opportunities to do good. Opportunities to show kindness, love, support, and help when needed.
•Invite: When the time is right, and God presents the opportunity, share the hope, healing, peace, and purpose that Jesus has given you.

That’s it.
It’s that simple.

May God lead us all into a world in need of His grace and mercy.