Heaven and Hell

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In November we are beginning a series at Connection Church called Pisteuo. That’s the Greek word for I Believe. We’ll be talking about some of the basic beliefs of the Christian faith. Why we believe what we believe and what it means in our lives. One of those topics will be heaven and hell. Nothing packs ’em faster than a good ol’ talk on hell fire and eternal damnation:) I’d like your input and participation on a couple of things.

  1. What questions do you have about heaven and hell? What kind of questions do your friends, co-workers, or classmates have? Post a comment and let me know.
  2. We’re shooting a very special remembrance video and we’d like for you to be a part of it. Bring a photo to church with you on Sunday of someone close to you that has passed away to be with the Lord. We’re gonna be taping right after church and I’d love for you to be a part of this special video.

#2 was inspired by my Grandma Edna. She passed away when I was 10. She was an incredible woman of God and words cannot express what she meant to me. I have her Bible and it’s one of my most cherished possessions. I can’t wait til the day I am reunited with her in heaven.

Grandma Edna

6 thoughts on “Heaven and Hell

  1. I believe that Hell is a real place and was created by God for the devil to be placed in. He never intended for any human person to go there. Only by denying Jesus Christ as God’s only son would someone be sent there. Unfortunately that is the case in some instances. I also believe that Satan is the god of this world and only by the grace of God and blood of Jesus do we overcome him, BUT we can overcome! Jesus sent us a comforter to help us, and that is the Holy Spirit, who lives in us. I’m so grateful for this gift that helps me on a daily, even momentarily, basis to get through each day. It gives me hope! Thank you Lord for creating Heaven for your children to dwell in forever!

  2. I don’t spend much time thinking about Hell. I’d rather spend my time trying to imagine heaven even though I know my wildest imagination can’t even come close

  3. Today, I believe that hell is an existence without God…plainly, simply. Whether we end up isolated from those we love because we’ve not treated them in a respectful, loving manner, and they don’t care to be around us because of it…or whether we’re miserable and alone because we haven’t learned to let others in…or we’ve … Read Morechosen an existence so far away from God’s love that we have created our own hell in the absence of grace…God’s greatest commandment is that we love Him, and ourselves and our neighbors as ourselves. And when we fail to do that…we’re already in a hell of our own making, if not of God’s…or is it one in the same? Perhaps since Jesus told us “The kingdom of God is at hand” — that means this IS the kingdom…and our mansions, and riches, and rewards are given here…as we’ve earned…and so is our hell…

  4. Sometimes it feels as if this time on earth is hell. I know that there is too much joy in this life for that to be true, but sometimes it makes you ponder. To me hell is separation from God and I can truely say I never feel separated from Him so this can’t be hell. It’s just on really bad days it seems like hell might be with us on earth.

  5. I believe that Hell is a real place and those who are there or will go there have rejected God and his gift of a savior. Life is a gift and we all have a choice what we want to do with it. God is not a God who will push you or prod you. I believe he is a loving God and a Jealous God. He created us for a purpose to love him. If we chose not to we can live for eternity in hell. Even satan had a choice. He decided he was bigger than God, God gave him his his own world to rule “Hell”.

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