James 1:21-25

I am pumped up to see so many people taking part in this week’s challenge to read God’s Word together. Yesterday’s blog post was one of the most read. That’s awesome! If you missed Sunday’s message I want to encourage you to listen to it here

You’ll find today’s reading below. I want to encourage you to take time to Read, Reflect, and Respond to God’s Word. Then join the conversation by leaving a comment about the reading.


James 1:21-25


How should you receive the Word of God?

How should you respond to the Word of God?


What is one thing God has been speaking to you about? Put that into practice today.

The Bible is now in over 2,000 languages with over 2 million in print. It hasn’t always been that way (check out the video below). For 1,000 years people had no access to the Bible. No wonder they called it the Dark Ages. Where God’s truth is not present there is deception and darkness. I believe we are living in a 21st Century Dark Age. Think about it for a moment. Most people are discouraged, lonely, depressed, confused, fearful, and hopeless…and that’s just in the church. They are facing a Dark Age of the soul. James says that reading God’s Word and not doing anything with it keeps us in the dark age. But, when we read God’s Word and put it into practice we come out of the dark into the light.

What did you discover during your reading today? Post a comment and join the conversation.

One thought on “James 1:21-25

  1. I never knew why they called the dark ages, the dark ages. That makes total sense now. It makes me think of what the world will be like when the church is gone and the tribulation is going on. How terrible it will be to be in that era of darkness. All the more reason to study my bible and be prepared. Thank God for His Word!

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