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Did you know that Jesus talked more about money than he did Heaven and Hell (combined)? Must be a big deal. Yet, most people get a little uncomfortable when the church starts talking about money and giving. Perhaps, we have screamin’ TV preachers, anointed prayer clothes, and promises of a double blessing to blame. This Sunday we’re gonna talk about money and giving from a Biblical perspective (not some TV preachers).

I’d like to get your thoughts on giving. What questions do you have or what questions have people asked you? Post your question or thoughts and we’ll do our best to answer them on Sunday.

8 thoughts on “Questions About Money

  1. So, If someone commits to giving a specific amount monthly and then looses the finantial ability to do so, how is one to handle that? I ask because now we are needing family to buy our groceries and help us pay our bills. Should we still give 10%?

    1. God never asks us to give what we do not have. We are only commanded to give 10% of what we receive. In other words, if you have no income you have no tithe. I remember being out of work and taking temp jobs. I still continued to tithe on those jobs. It was a real time of testing for me. I put my full confidence in God during those times and I don’t regret a moment of it. If you are faithful to God He will be faithful to you.

  2. Hey Brad, I just jumped to your blog from SCL. I’m glad to see you talking about money. It’s such a controversial topic that people can’t seem to handle. We need a lot of people willing to be leaders when it comes to responsible handling of money.

  3. 1. Grew up Catholic – tithe was 10% of your time, talent, and treasure. So if you gave 7% time and talent you would only give 3% treasure. So, we divided our time, talent, and treasure.

    2. Went to a non-denominational church and learned that 10% of money was commanded or obligated, but be cheerful about it. So, we gave 10% and smiled.

    3. Went to a Pentecostal/word of faith church and learned that the whole tithe belonged to the local church (church that spiritual fed you) and offerings could be given to others and seeds could be sown (extra giving to church) to receive a later harvest of healing, promotion, friend’s salvation, financial gain, get rid of demons etc. – gave that church A LOT! LOL!

    4. Through research found out that home churches teach the tithe in the Old Testament was in the form of food brought and everyone shared together and had a big feast. And that the New Testament seems to only indicate giving to traveling missionaries. So, many home churches don’t collect the tithe but save up personally and give or share with people as needs come up.

    Because of church #3, I have a fear of tithing for the wrong reasons and a fear of being psychologically/spiritually controlled through tithing. Wow – that was a new revelation for me! Thanks for opening up that can – I needed to let some worms out!

    1. Now you know why talking about giving is such a touchy subject. Isn’t it crazy that you have been taught 4 different ways to give? Let me try to address each and see if I can muddy the waters even more for you.

      1. There’s nothing in scripture or in Jewish or early church practice that says give 10% of your time, talent, and treasure. However, I think it’s a great practice for every Christ follower to give 10% of their time, 10% of their talent, and 10% of their treasure.
      2. Giving 10% is an Old Testament command from God. Although 10% is not mentioned in the New Testament it is very clear that the early church practiced this. The difference between the Old and New Testament is that the lid came off in the New Testament. 10% became the starting point, not the lid. In fact, Jesus was watching people give in the temple and called the tithers stubborn and tight wads, but he called the widow (who gave everything) blessed. Paul makes reference to giving cheerfully. Which makes sense. Nobody should give out of obligation or guilt. We should give because we love God and acknowledge His holy divine authority.
      3. No one should ever give so that they can get something in return. That’s spiritual manipulation. That would be like me loving my wife, just so she will love me even more or giving her a gift and expecting her to give me an even bigger gift in return. We give because we love, not because we lust.
      4. The Hebrew people did bring fruit and animals during all the festivals. However, they also gave 10% of their finances to the temple. Throughout Paul’s letters he takes an offering for the church in Jerusalem, but he also talks about bringing a weekly offering to the local church.

      Hope that helps ya. I’ll be talking a little more in depth on Sunday.

  4. here is a question about money, but not a conventional one. What if your church was offered money from a lottery winner or a big casino winner, would you take the tithe? Why or Why not?

    1. I’d take it and laugh in Satan’s face. Nothing like redeeming something and using it for the Kingdom.

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