Love this Church

I just came through one amazing week. I love being the pastor of Connection Church. Can’t imagine doing anything else with my life. Read and be encouraged.

  • It started with last Sunday’s Starting Point Lunch. 7 of the people in my living room were previously unchurched. One person shared how they put their friends name on one of the prayer cards at Christmas. That person came and then gave their life to Christ. Another shared how they were not sure how people would react to their piercings and tattoo’s. They were blown away by how accepting and friendly people were (we’re just a bunch of imperfect people following a perfect God).
  • Monday God boosted my faith. To say my faith has been stretched by the 30for30 offering is an understatement. $30,000 seemed like an overwhelming obstacle until I heard how much Rick Warren (Purpose Driven Life) and his church needed and how much they actually raised. Check it out here.  You can learn more about the 30for30 offering here.
  • Wednesay I got a letter from someone in our church. Here’s just part of the letter:

For a long time, until I came to Connection Church, I didn’t realize what the true purpose was in giving. Truly, not until you preached on it (The Potluck Principle). If me, just one person, has this experience, then it stands to reason that others don’t get it either. It isn’t to fatten the preacher’s wallet, it’s to enrich our lives and live by God’s word. Be stewards of what He has let us use. I know God has His hand on this church. I am grateful to be a part of this facet of God’s army that is Connection Church.

  • Saturday night Laura and I were at a birthday party. Someone, who gave their life to Christ a couple months ago at Connection, came up to me and asked if I would baptise them in the lake. Can’t wait for that!
  • On Sunday Dayna Peakcock’s story inspired everyone in the house. Check it out.

I can’t wait to see what 2010 has in store for our church. It’s gonna be a great year.

One thought on “Love this Church

  1. Brad,
    Thank you for being the man that God called you to be. God has blessed our family thru you and your family. You have broken down our walls and helped us to become better followers of Christ. God bless you and keep your family safe
    Christ’s Love
    Peacock Family

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