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When the storm hit and we cancelled church we decided to try to do church online. With very little time, we stripped it down to the bare essentials.  So, with a webcam and a laptop we held our first online church service live from my home office. 31 households representing over 100 people gathered for worship on Sunday morning…online! That’s crazy. When I started in ministry 10 years ago I would have laughed if you told me we would be doing church online.  Wonder what the next 10 years will be like?


  • 5 minutes before broadcast all the cords got yanked out of the wall and the entire set up was dismantled when the kids were fighting over being on camera. I started to freak out, got on to the kids, and then looked down to see if we were broadcasting live online (thank goodness we weren’t). That would have been a classic moment. FYI we are a real family, with real problems, like everyone else. 
  • Jer and Skye begged me to let them be on. So, I let them say “hi”, thinking they would then go in the other room. They didn’t. Awkward moment as they stood in the background like a couple of secret service agents. 
  • Herk walking back and forth (in the background). He was hungry and wanted to make breakfast. If you listened really close you could hear the toaster.
  • Logan Troxell (guy who does all our media on Sunday’s) sent me the above picture of him watching church online. Love it.
  • I wore a really nice shirt. However, nobody knew I was wearing PJ pants. First time I have preached in my PJ’s.
  • We recorded it for the sole purpose of laughing at ourselves in 10 years. It seems so cutting edge today. Wonder what we’ll think in 10 years?

Last week Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad. One thing he said caught my attention. “The iPad adapts to you. You don’t adapt to the iPad.” That should be the motto of the church. “The church adapts to you. You don’t adapt to the church.” In the New Testament Paul said it this way, “I have become all things to all people so I might save some.” That’s exactly what we did Sunday.  Had a blast and can’t wait to see what God’s gonna do in the next 10 years through this great church.

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  1. This was great Brad and you are right so cutting edge! But you have to think that media is your forte so to speak. Great job and very inspiring.

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