3rd Culture

It’s Friday morning. You may or may not know that I take Friday mornings to reflect, refocus, and respond to what God desires in my life as a leader and the life of Connection Church.

Today I was watching a video from Dave Gibbons. Dave is a pastor in Southern California. As I was watching the video I was gripped by what I saw. For those of you who know me, God has really been messing me up these past couple of years when it comes to justice and mercy. I dream of a community of Christ followers who do more than just show up to sing some songs, listen to a message, and then go home and return to the 9 to 5. I really don’t know exactly what that looks like. I don’t believe I hold all the answers. I believe the answer is inside each and every one of us and we need to seek His face to discover what it truly means, for each of us individually, to daily “Do justice and show mercy to people in need.”

I want to invite you to check out this video and then take some time to get before God, seek His face, and ask Him what part you and I can play in developing “3rd Culture” in the life of Connection Church. I believe this is who we are and what we must continue to become.

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